The CB Ultimate Breech and Bolt
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The CB Ultimate Breech is made of hex aluminum and is grooved for a Scope. It has the extra long end with 4 set screws to hold any length barrel. The Ultimate Breech is $36.00 and is available with the Bolt on the Left or Right side of the Breech.

The CB Ultimate Bolt is made by "RKDesigns" and has a Heavy Duty Screw On Steel handle and a hand made Brass shaft with an Extended Probe.
The Ultimate Bolt is $14.00

The Ultimate Breech and Ultimate Bolt will fit on the Crosman 2240, 2250, 2260, 2289G, and the 1322/77.

2289.jpg (121379 bytes)
Crosman 2289G with the Ultimate Breech and Bolt

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Here is "Ralph the Wonderdog" showing the new RWS 320M Rifle
Click the pictures for a much bigger view
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OK. Let's get this over with. This RWS rifle is made in China. However, it is Not your typical Chinese Spring Gun. The RWS 320M is a Very Well made rifle with no folded metal parts and a Well Finished stock with a nice recoil pad.
This RWS .177 caliber rifle is factory rated at 1,000 fps. And it comes with a
LifeTime Guarantee from RWS. A Very well made rifle that shoots great and is Very Accurate. The rifle comes with the English style scope mounts and the Muzzle Break. No open sights. 
Scope not included.
Type: Single shot Air Rifle        Power: Spring-Piston
Caliber: .177        Velocity: 1,000 fps in .177
Trigger: 2 Stage Adjustable        Safety: Automatic
Stock: Birch    Length: 42.3"    Weight: 6.73 lbs.

 Priced to sell.
To Order:
EMail Jim at
or Click Here.

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